Why settle for Lancers when you can afford Lafite Rothschild?

Okay, maybe the difference isn’t so dramatic, but graphic communication is an art that benefits from age and experience. With our combined experience, you’ll be getting both. When you hire us, you will work directly with one of us rather than with a project manager or junior designer. We keep our business small and direct because we like it that way, and our clients do too. And, with studios on both coasts, we have access to a wide variety of resources for our clients.

Reasons to consider Studio NaCl for your project:

High-quality Design and Brand Identity for Your Business

  • With with over 30 years experience in the business, we understand how all of the pieces work together and the importance of maintaining brand consistency.
  • You work directly with one of us from start to finish–we don’t hand over projects to younger designers.
  • Intelligent design is good for your business, and we try our best to give you that.

You Get Excellent Value for Our Services

  • Many clients don’t need the extensive services offered by larger design firms, but end up paying for that level of service.
  • We have low overhead and a streamlined process which suits the majority of our clients needs. For bigger projects, we have access to all types of independent collaborators.
  • Did we already say that you work directly with one of us from start to finish–we don’t hand over projects to younger designers?

Fast, Efficient and Painless

  • The design and production process will be responsibly fast and efficient, and we help make it a methodical and organized experience. In other words, it is fairly painless!
  • Our clients say that we “get it” quickly, making the process a smooth one.
  • The collection of content=the hardest part for many clients. We can help pull it all together.

Unlimited Resources Help Contribute to a Successful Outcome

  • We have access to a wide variety of freelance photographers, illustrators, copywriters, and any other creative services when required by a project.
  • When needed, we involve web and SEO marketing experts who specialize in that field.
  • When a job is simply too big for our capabilities, we will gladly recommend a more suitable design firm.

We Design to Fit Your Needs

  • We are good listeners and develop solutions that responsibly fit our client’s needs.
  • We don’t design impractical, inappropriately expensive print pieces or overblown, complicated websites that are difficult to manage… unless we are asked to.
As day-to-day life seems to get increasingly complex, we believe that many of us are hungry for simpler experiences.