A Clean, Well-Organized Website is a Good Website

We are designers first, and programmers second. Often, it is the other way around. This is an important difference for anyone who values consistent branding and clear communication of their company’s message.
Many web developers are strong in programming skills but lacking in good communication skills. We offer experienced communication design and modern standards-compliant web site programming skills that will provide you with the tools you need to have a successful web presence.

If you would like to see a Fee Outline for these services, please contact us.

Standard Schedule

A basic 10-15 page Website can be designed and programmed in 6-8 weeks provided content is available as needed.

Project Definition

A Creative Brief is developed from client input that summarizes the objectives of the project, target audiences, key benefits, branding, competitive environment, and positioning statement. Site registration, hosting, content management, functions, and maintenance plans are established.

Creative Development and Site Architecture

The Creative Brief will guide the conceptual structural development of the Website. Color palette, image style, font choice, and message tone are derived from existing business identity design. Site architecture and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) data is established.

Hosting Set-up, Content Management and Production

The chosen design direction is applied to HTML or customized WordPress page templates. Once the template design and function is refined and approved, content provided by the client is placed into specified pages. Programming includes: page template creation or customization, editing and optimization of provided images, basic SEO (essential page titles, meta tags, keywords), basic forms, links to social networking sites and third-party e-mail lists.

Content Management System (CMS)

If HTML is the preferred platform, CushyCMS is recommended as the client editing solution. If WordPress is the preferred platform, client editing is included in the site setup.

Site Completion, Testing and Launch

The site is reviewed, edited and tested prior to public launch. Basic SEO
data is placed into final site files and a date for the public launch is chosen. Promotion of Website public launch is not included in this outline.

Follow-up and Maintenance

Content management and maintenance plans are enacted.

Reasons to consider Studio NaCl for website development:

  • We offer high-quality design and visual communication in both web and print, based on over 30 years of experience in graphic design and branding.
  • We have low overhead and can offer excellent value for our services.
  • You will work directly with one of us rather than a junior designer or programmer.
  • The design and programming process will be fast and efficient, and our clients say that we “get it” quickly.
  • We really do listen to our clients and develop solutions that fit their needs; we don’t design overblown, complicated sites that are difficult or expensive to manage.
  • We have become WordPress specialists, but still use non-proprietary themes that are fully accessible to our clients; all of the sites that we have programmed continue to function without problems or complaints.
  • Our programming style is user-friendly for our clients and includes experience with Wufoo forms, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Facebook apps, Paypal checkout, Flickr Galleries, Youtube and Vimeo Galleries
  • Our programming is organized, standards-compliant, and responsive to various screen sizes and devices.