The Brand Identity

We are your creative partners in building an identity for your business.
The modern marketplace is swamped with competing products and services, and organizations without a clear offer and a memorable brand and can be disadvantaged in vying for consumer’s attention and preferences. Developing a memorable brand is a process of examination, conceptual development and practical application. The brand identity strives to communicate the characteristics that make the business offer unique.

Following is our standard process for identity development.
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Phase 1: Preliminary Input and Analysis

A Creative Brief is developed from client input that summarizes:

  • Objectives of the project
  • Target audiences; who they are and what they’re looking for
  • Obstacles or challenges that need to be addressed
  • Key benefits of the product or services
  • Brand personality: the characteristics that make the offer unique
  • Audit of competitive environment: who are they and what do they offer
  • Positioning statement: the essential features of the brand and its market niche
  • Timelines, quantities, creative needs

Phase 2: Creative Development

Using the Creative Brief as a guideline, a branding strategy is developed which includes conceptual development of the logo design, color palette and font systems. Our goal is to create a memorable brand identity for the organization that reflects its character and is consistent with its objectives. Several conceptual directions are presented, one is chosen and refined according to client feedback.

Phase 3: Implementation

The chosen design direction is applied to applications ranging from stationery and business literature to building signage, vehicles and web sites. Our priority is to create practical design solutions that are straightforward and capable of being implemented efficiently. Consistent presentation of the identity and message is important to the success of the branding strategy.